Parkway EA Leader Hired by the City

PtboFlag“The City’s recent decision to hire Kevin Jones from AECOM as Peterborough’s new transportation manager as reported in the Peterborough Examiner is a most perplexing one, The Parkway proposal, spearheaded by Mr. Jones, is more reflective of 20th century development thinking than the new 21st century urbanism that promotes cheaper, healthier and more community minded development. The Parkway has been an extremely contentious and divisive issue for our community, and the city’s decision to hire the very individual who headed the flawed process raises serious concerns,” Continue reading

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Do We Really Need ANOTHER Set of Lights on Chemong?

map of proposed growth subdivision and employment areas One of our biggest criticisms of the Parkway Corridor proposals is that they appear to go against common sense in addressing our traffic needs, particularly in the Northend. Based on our experience (those of us on the team who live in the Northend) and looking at the maps of projected growth, it is clear that traffic UP-AND-DOWN our traffic grid is the main issue, not across it. Continue reading

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It IS an All-Consuming Monster

Graph of Parkway Costs over time adjusted for inflation to 2013 dollars showing increase in cost from $23 million in 2003 to $79 million in 2013When we ran our hallowe’en advertisement on the Parkway, that used a bad horror movie theme to critique the Parkway proposals, we got some negative comments that suggested we were taking the issue too flippantly. In our defense, we just wanted to inject a lighter tone into the discussion—a different tack than the usual logic arguments. It turns out, however, the idea of the Parkway being an all-consuming monster, hungry for more and more resources, wasn’t far off the mark. Continue reading

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We Had a Blast!

A day at Jackson Park with Examiner columnist Drew Monkman was more interesting than sitting behind their classroom desks for this grade 4 class from Roger Neilson Public School (Helen Bested photo)Local Peterborough naturalist Drew Monkman hangs out with a grade four class at Jackson Park. Their experiences tell us more about why our parks and greenspaces are worth protecting than a dozen of our info sheets. Continue reading

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