Parkway EA Leader Hired by the City

City Appointment of Kevin Jones to Transportation Manager disappointing to say the least

“The City’s recent decision to hire Kevin Jones from AECOM as Peterborough’s new transportation manager as reported in the Peterborough Examiner is a most perplexing one” states Peter Hewett, spokesperson for the Peterborough Greenspace Coalition. “The Parkway proposal, spearheaded by Mr. Jones, is more reflective of 20th century development thinking than the new 21st century urbanism that promotes cheaper, healthier and more community minded development. The Parkway has been an extremely contentious and divisive issue for our community, and the city’s decision to hire the very individual who headed the flawed process raises serious concerns,” continues Hewett.

The Peterborough Greenspace Coalition takes the position that since Jones was the lead author and presenter of the EA, his bias towards the recommendations is already well-known. Furthermore, the Environmental Assessment process remains in dispute, and the report has only just recently been released for public comment. The P.G.C. firmly believes that there is no community consensus that the report’s recommendations represent the best way forward for our city.

“The massive cost of the Parkway project is a major concern for the community and, rather than take the time to evaluate the cost benefit of this project, especially since the cost has now ballooned to $78 million, the city has instead hired the Parkway’s top salesman to lead the implementation. This action by the City is yet another example of questionable decisions in what has been an extremely controversial process,” concludes Hewett.

Those with concerns over this appointment should contact their City councillors.

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  1. Bruce Miller says:

    Keep the Park! Far too much of Ontarioturned to cement, pavement by the auto enthusiasts even as electric public transportation proves cheaper, more convenient in this 21st century.

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