Peterborough Municipal Elections 2018

On Monday, October 22, 2018, Peterborough citizens will vote on a new Mayor and Council. With only two candidates for the critical role of Mayor, there is a clear choice for the future direction of the City and for the Parkway.

Those concerned about future development of the Parkway need to review the past voting record of the incumbent candidates and positions of the new ones.

We don’t want to make the Parkway a single issue item for debate in this election. It is clear the issues go much farther than that. While media may like simple “this or that” debates, the Parkway debates have been about so much more: how our council engages with citizens and makes decisions and issues such as sustainability, city spending, the environment and quality of life.

Vote for a Sustainable Peterborough has assembled an excellent package of material that outlines the material voters need to inform their decisions on October 22.

Get informed. Look at actions, not words. Above all, vote.

As an introduction, here is a sustainability report card on incumbent candidates prepared by Vote for a Sustainable Peterborough. It includes incumbent positions on the Parkway. Against the Parkway: Therrien, Baldwin, Riel, Vassiliadis, Pappas. For the Parkway: Bennett, Clarke, Beamer, Haacke, Parnell.

2018 Peterborough City Election Incumbent Report Card

2018 Peterborough City Election Incumbent Report Card

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