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Our Open Message to City Council

PtboFlagOn Wednesday, November 6th, members of the Peterborough Greenspace Coalition delivered its message to City Council for inclusion in the briefing packages councillors will receive ahead of their deliberations next week.

Here is what we said. Continue reading

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What Does the “E” in EA Mean, Anyway?

The environment as one of eight criteria for evaluationThe City’s Parkway Corridor Proposals are being prepared under a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process (usually called EA for short). This sounds like a nice, impartial and balanced process designed to protect the environment. But is it? When you look at it in more detail, protecting the environment is a small part of the EA process. We worry City Council is going to use what looks like a “protect the environment” study to justify doing exactly the opposite: destroy our greenways and one of our most precious parks. The EA process is ignoring many of the wider costs; the costs that matter most to many Peterborough citizens. Continue reading

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